day 2519: Short Sellers

“When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.”

When you run a public company there is no group of people you dislike more or who cause you a greater headache than the “short sellers”.  These are the people who own your stock but bet against you in hopes that the stock will go down, versus up. The pressure they put on the stock price and the company can be beyond a distraction, they can become a negative obsession of time and energy.  We all have detractors that we have to work against and it is in how we deal with these people and forces that shape us and our actions.  When they go negative, we must remain realistic and positive in intent and action.

I am convinced that the closer we get to doing God’s work and walking in His purpose and His will, the more we will be challenged with fears, doubts and naysayers around us.  It is the other side of good that also works against us, trying to get us to short-sell ourselves.  It is God’s promises that can keep us in the positive.  To that we can have confidence and assurance.

Reference:  Psalm 94:19

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