day 2507: The Sweet Spot

“Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’”

How do we know what is that we are supposed to be doing, where, when and with whom?  These are the questions that keep career advisors and job coaches in business.  We never really know, but when we are there, it feels like a sweet spot.  Dave Blanchard, who founded and runs an organization that supports faith-based businesses and CEOs describes the sweet spot as this. It’s the intersection (remember Venn Diagrams from post 2505) of:  “Loving to do”,  “Good at doing it”, and “Could be paid to do it”. It’s a nice summary of what we should keep in front of us as we consider job moves, career shifts, education, etc. Too many times we get caught up in one of the three and miss the other two, or worse yet we ignore all three and end up in a place of just getting paid for something we can do without any love or passion for the work.

I know that I am guilty of going though the motions for God and forgetting the why of what I am doing. Dave Blanchard has it right for why we should also be bringing all of ourselves to work each day and that is because we “Love to do” for God.  When we are reminded that all that we get to do is because Jesus sacrificed Himself for us, out of love, then it should be apparent that we are in the sweet spot when we “Love to do” for Him, each and every day!

Reference: Matthew 22:37 (New Living Translation)

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