day 2445: Gatekeepers

“They would spend the night around the house of God, since it was their duty to guard it and to open the gates every morning.”

At this point, it has become more obvious that the pitchfork holders are marching for the gates against the advancement of technology companies. On one hand it hurts to see this as technology has done so much for where we are today, but the unintended consequences have not been well-managed and we now sit in this place of distrust and backlash.  This likely will not get better and not with the coming implementations of further automation, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.  I was listening to a conversation about a company that was building “lights out” factories and how close they were to having no humans on the manufacturing or assembly floors.  As I have always said, and will continue to say, technology has been good for us and will not replace, but add new jobs and professions that we can’t yet imagine, but we do need better gatekeepers who feel the responsibility for the generations to come to protect us from the fallout that we also cannot yet forecast or imagine.

In 1 Chronicles we are taught of the gatekeepers who guarded the House of the Lord. They are called out as special and important.  They worked all hours, never leaving any entrance unguarded. But, not only did they do what we normally would conjure up as the job of a gatekeeper; to guard and keep people out, but we are told that they also had the responsibility to open up the gates each morning.  As I read this, I wondered if this really wasn’t the most important part of their job? A gate closed to the House of the Lord, is a barrier to God and worse, the denial of access to someone who is seeking to worship the Lord or come to Him in need. And, so this is where we come in. Are we also not gatekeepers for Christ in our workplaces? Is it possible that we have been placed where we are today to be there to open up the gates for others to Him each and every morning? Quite possible indeed!

Reference: 1 Chronicles 9:27 (New Living Translation)

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