day 2417: Why Not?

“Brace yourself like a man, because I have some questions for you, and you must answer them.”

It was the playwright, George Bernard Shaw who said, “Some people see things as they are and ask, “Why?” I see things as they could be and ask, “Why not?”  I love this quote because the question of “Why not” is the one that must be asked if we are to grow our businesses and organizations.  If we allow ourselves to be satisfied with, “Because”,  “Good enough” or “Not now”, then don’t be overly surprised when the competition passes us by.

I often feel that I am the one asking God, “Why”?  But the amazing thing is that He is the one who is always asking us, “Why not?”  What is our answer to Him today?

Reference:  Job 38:3 (New Living Translation)

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