day 2352: Air Pockets

“We can rejoice too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know they are helping us develop endurance”.

The airplane pilot comes on the loudspeaker and tells us to buckle up and get ready for some choppy air and turbulence and at the same moment the heart beat rates all rise in unison.  We don’t by nature like uncertainty, choppiness or things that are unsettled.  I wrote the following on day 10 of purposed worKING in October 2008:

“This year is particularly worse with the crashing stock market and the impact that is having on businesses and investors alike. Decreases in stocks, mutual funds, and 401K accounts of 30%+ and greater (and worsening at the time of this writing) puts a whole new psychological spin on work and what happens at the office. Most of the attitude that one brings in the office doesn’t start at the office, it starts at home or on the way into the office. A bad night’s sleep because of a sick child can cause all kinds of after shocks throughout a work day. Like the concentric ripples that come from one pebble in a pond, one bad attitude in the office can spread rapidly and the infestation can ruin the office’s productivity for that day and more.”

I reread and restate above and below because we might be entering into another time of uncertainty and the lessons learned from last time around are good ones.  We can, by what we allow to influence us, make better or worse the situation around us.

“As people of faith are we immune to having a bad day? Of course not, but as examples and role models we are to do our best to stay above our emotions and outside influences and remain peaceful within our faith. What I find most encouraging about the verse above is that there is a built-in expectation that we need endurance because we are in it for the long haul and that there are more choppy days to come. When I see those trials and problems land on my desk or in my lap, I do my best to look at them as training opportunities to get stronger and more faithful and to find a place of rejoicing for the rigors and drilling. If we can find ourselves a place of true peace, calm and rejoicing, I can guarantee that others will notice and you will have your chance to answer the question, “how do you stay so calm and nothing ever seems to get you down or ruffle your feather?” And then, best of all, you get to tell them the answer.”

Reference: Romans 5:3 (New Living Translation)

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