day 2290: It’s All About AI

“Praise the Lord, everything he has created, everything in all his kingdom. Let all that I am praise the Lord.”

It’s hard to open any tech newsletter or periodical and not be confronted with the debate about Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Will it expand our ability to grow our businesses in new ways that we can’t even imagine, causing us to hire more people? Or, will it eliminate so many jobs while bringing about expansion that we will plunge into a global unemployment crisis?  It’s a legitimate debate.  The same one that I am sure occurred with the invention of the steam engine, and then again with the combustible engine, and then again with the car, and then again with the personal computer (I remember this last one – all administrative and clerical jobs would disappear).  There is without doubt that AI will, like automation machinery changed our work, change what we do and how we do it in the future, but we have to make a decision now.  That decision is to embrace or to resist in fear? I was asked last week what someone should do to keep up with the coming changes?  I told her, to stay ahead – read, inquire and try as many new technologies as she can – and then do her best  to be the one to bring new technologies to her work as a leader, instead of a follower.

It bums me out when I see a Believer fear and resist new technologies. We worship the great creator and to think that He is stopping creation so we (in our lifetimes) don’t feel uncomfortable and have to grow and learn, is to try and limit what God can (and will) do. I am sure every generation has thought that time should stand still for them, but that’s not the way God has worked so far.  He continues to write the creation story through us and if we choose, we can take our relevancy of the current and the future to keep front and center His love, His grace and His redemption.  We are instructed to praise everything He has created!

Reference: Psalm 103:22 (New Living Translation)




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