day 1421: Practice Makes Permanent

“So why do you keep calling me ‘Lord, Lord!’ when you don’t do what I say?”

In the summers I get to play more golf than I do the rest of the year.  But, because I don’t play consistently all year round my game starts off each summer as poor as it was the year before (sometimes worse) and then I notice that it gets better and then levels off, only to start all over at the same bad place the next year.  I haven’t taken many lessons in my life, so I shouldn’t really expect to get any better because I keep practicing my same poor swing and approach to the game.  You see, practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent.  If you practice what is wrong, you get really good at being wrong!  Consider how we work, manage, lead, and get things done in the workplace. Somewhere along the way we get some courses and workshops on particular work skills, but for the most part we learn how to work on the job and for most we practice over and over this self-taught approach not knowing if we are good at working in the best way, or just good at working in our own way…which might be bad.  Think about how you start each day in the office.  Is your routine the best way or is it just your routine?  What we practice becomes permanent so we better be sure we are practicing a better way.

In possibly the first teaching that Jesus did with His newly chosen Apostles, He puts it right out there with them and challenges them on their practices.  When He asks them why were they continuing to call Him Lord but then not doing what He told them to do, He was saying to them, you are practicing the wrong thing!  How can we strengthen our faith so that we can handle all that hits us daily?  We can start with practicing what God teaches us and doing to consistently and in His guidance.  What He gave us to practice will not only be permanent, but it can be eternal!

Reference: Luke 6:46 (New Living Translation)

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