“And this is my covenant with them, that I will take away their sins.”

As leaders, managers, or in today’s world, even those who work someplace where we have influence over decisions that are made that could affect others, we need to be careful and constructive in those decisions.  We seldom see examples of leaders who step up when things go wrong.  Some will do it and admit that the buck stops with them, but they won’t accept the full responsibility, which many times would lead to a resignation or some other type of repercussion.  Last week we saw a leader do so though when South Korean Prime Minister, Chung Hong-won, resigned after the failed rescue of the ferry that capsized. I found this interestingly juxtaposed with the firing of a number of the GM senior execs, but not the CEO.  I know, she is new, but remember, she was on the senior team and has been with the company for 34 years. I’m not saying that she should have been fired, but when the buck stops, it must stop somewhere and the best of the best leaders know it stops with them. Anything short of that, can feel like lip service to leadership.

Who would take the sins of all the world and allow Himself to be crucified?  We know who and we also know that if in our work we are going to try and lead a life set by His example that we can’t not take responsibility and accountability when it is ours.  If we try and pass the blame or shirk our part of a decision or action, we are not worKING to His glory.  It’s not any fun when the buck stops with us, but it is what we have to be willing to do.

Reference: Romans 11:27 (New Living Translation)

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