day 1246: Never Lost

“For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”
Patti and I were driving from West Lafayette (Purdue) to the Indianapolis International Airport.  We were talking and I made the mistake of taking one of the bypass roads to get to 465S.  I knew we weren’t far out of the way, but to be sure I pulled out my iphone and had Patti pull up the Map App and hit our current location to view where we were.  It took less than a minute and we were oriented and assured.  We said how hard that would have been even a few years ago.  We’d have gotten off the wrong road, not known where to go and would have ended up backtracking and taking twice as long.  Even the GPS’s of today that come in-car aren’t as quick and as comprehensive as our mobile device maps.  Patti said she was reminded of hearing someone say, “Getting lost will never again be an acceptable excuse for being late to or missing a meeting.”  That is so true.  We now live in a “Never Lost Era” and there will be no going back.  If we know this, what can we do to use this to the advantage, efficiency and maybe even fun in our businesses?  With a little creativity on top of an accessible map, all kinds of things become possible.
I’m pretty sure that God knew that we would invent and develop technology that would direct us and keep us from physically getting lost. Even so, He also made it clear to us that we can, if we don’t make the right decisions in our life end up lost spiritually.  He has given us all the tools and resources that we need to find Him, but they are of no good unless we seek out them and Him..  A Bible that sits on the shelf, a church that is not attended, a prayer time that is not utilized, or a fellow believer who we don’t reach out to, all are there for us, as extensions of the gift and sacrifice He made for us.  Why would we allow one more day to pass that we aren’t directly on the path that He desires for us?  Ours is a God of “Never Lost”, but that only is realized if we do the searching.
Reference: Luke 19:10 (New Living Translation)

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