day 1124: Buffer Box

“With a prayer to God, I replied…”

Google has decided to get into the online retail business but in a very curious way.  Maybe because in this case they don’t want us having to search for packages that can’t be delivered, they are providing a “last mile” solution (we used to use that term in Web 1.0) to ensure that online purchased packages have a place to go when we aren’t home or don’t live someplace where packages can be accepted.  It is certainly one of the hassles of buying online, so setting up secure access boxes in places like highly frequented coffee shops make sense.  I don’t totally understand the business behind it and why big pieces of machinery fit into Google’s business model, but that’s really not my business.  For the rest of us though, whether it be Buffer Boxes or Amazon’s Lockers, this is good for any of our businesses that depend on consumers who choose to purchase online over physically in-store.  Also, if Google and Amazon are both into this business, then FedEx and UPS cannot be far behind.  I see this as an open distribution channel that we should be promoting and leveraging in our sales and marketing going forward. 


As we go to work today, we can be excited and have assurances that when we need God that He is always home and ready to accept whatever we have for Him.  I think of the moment that Nehemiah was asked to answer the king and before he did he threw out a quick prayer before he spoke.  Instant prayer with immediate delivery.  No buffers.  No need for an intercessory or a notification of delayed delivery. This is our God, who is right there for us at all times!  Consider this today and rejoice in His constant presence.

Reference: Nehemiah 2:4 (New Living Translation)

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