day 1018: The Pain Of Promises

“…and keep their promises even when it hurts.”

Promises get made all the time. Sometimes they are explicit and we say, “I promise”. Other times they are made in the form of commitments that we will do something or follow-through on what we have said we would do. Often promises are made in haste without the full set of data or information, but nonetheless, we don’t think through our words and before we know it the words have spilled out of our mouths and we become committed, even when we later wish it was not so. If we are managers of other people, we need to recognize that people who work for us are hanging on every word and when we say we are going to do something they expect with their full attention and devotion that it will happen. It is our responsibility to follow through, even though sometime it hurts to do so. People change jobs and uproot themselves and their families on the basis of these promises. If we don’t follow through then we are not only letting someone else down, we are breaking our word and damaging the reputation that we have worked so hard to develop and maintain.

David talked about this in Psalm 15 when he said that only a few who could enter the holy presence of God. One of the prerequisites and descriptors is in verse 4; “…and keep their promises even when it hurts.” David knew that it is hard to keep promises and even more so when it becomes painful. He challenges us here to be different than the rest; to stand firm in our promises, regardless. Are you challenged today with a promise that needs to be kept? If you are, remember David’s words as you decide what to do next.

Reference: Psalm 15:4 (New Living Testament)

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