2741: From Good To Excellent

“Then God looked over all He had made, and He saw that it was excellent in every way.”

When we see or hear of something; a product, a service, a show, or a song that is excellent we immediately take for granted that whatever it is was excellent from the beginning, as if it was meant to be so.  But, rarely is that the case. What is more typical is that something that was good in the beginning got worked on, improved, revised, edited, etc. until it reached that point that we would call it excellent.  This should be encouraging to us as right now we are working on something that is good, but can be even better if we only continue and put the time and effort into improving it more.  We should not get discouraged with good.  We should be encouraged that good has the potential of excellent.

God modeled this principle for us in the creation story. Each day He finished His work with the declaration of “Good”.  Until the final day when He looked over it all and claimed it “Excellent in every way.”  If God had to work at it to go from good to excellent then why shouldn’t we be willing and excited to do the same?

Reference: Genesis 1:31 (New Living Translation)

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