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day 75: Day Opener

Most people, myself included, like to start the workday with a cup of coffee to get the blood flowing and the eyes opened. You can catch up with just about everyone at the office if you stand at the coffee maker long enough. And, as we all know that we can also end up wasting time at the coffee bar as well. We have to be careful about that. That said there is something positively expectant in that first cup of coffee and the first hour of the day. This is the time that we get the engines revved for the day and get going. I like this time as one of the best times to set a meeting or get dedicated work done because everything is fresh and ready to go and before everyone gets distracted. The time management and productivity experts will all tell you that the first things have to come first and that the morning can be the best time to address those important and critical items. How is it that we can make the mornings even more productive and hopeful? Before we even arrive at the office we can start our day with extreme power by taking our requests to the Lord for each day and allow our first voice of the day to be words we express in prayer. Our preparation for the work day will be better if we start it as David describes in Psalms 5:3: “Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.” As we put together our to-do lists, our calendars, and our meeting schedules, we should remember that our prayer list is the one list that can really get things done today!

Reference: Psalm 5:3 (New Living Testament)