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day 95: Prosperity Means Hard Work

I know few people who work without hoping to get ahead and also add to their financial security. It is Biblical that prosperity can come from hard work. Proverbs 12:11 says just that, “Hard work means prosperity; only fools idle away their time”. We are expected to work for our rewards and if we want to enjoy prosperity then we are to not only work, we are to work hard and not be foolish with the time we have. Idling away our time is defined as being for fools. I sometimes find it hard to discern between what is idling time and ensuring that I get enough rest and downtime to keep the batteries charged so that I can work hard. I don’t think that finding time to renew ourselves physically and mentally before or after our hard work is being idle with our time. We all know those who are foolish with their time and we watch them waste their potential. Most, I would say are far from being that way, but there are certainly some who just never get it together. Working hard is also a subjective measure. I know when I have put in more than my fair share on a project or a piece of work because when I am done I feel like I have gone the extra mile and pushed myself. It is also in those times that I feel like I have grown and strengthened myself. It is clear that if we want prosperity that we are going to have to be willing to work hard. It certainly is a choice that we get to make individually each and every day. Today, when faced with the challenges of work and the rewards that come from it, continue to ask yourself as to whether or not you are giving your best to the task at hand or are you finding yourself taking shortcuts or not putting your all into your job? Now may be the time to recalibrate yourself and find that extra gear to ensure that you are working hard at what you do and setting yourself up for the prosperity that can be yours.

Reference: Proverbs 12:11 (New Living Testament)