day 3K206: Attributions

“The man answered, ‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.'”

If you have worked in a company where there is a strong, iconic leader as CEO, you will immediately identify with this statement (you fill in the blank of the name of the CEO): “_______ said…”  I have worked in more than one of these companies, and if the statements and proclamations that were attributed to the CEO were actually true, then that CEO wouldn’t have had any time to do anything else but sit around and just talk about things from all over the business.  I used to like to challenge the attributions by asking, “When did he say that?” and “Did you personally hear him say that?”  Usually, it was hearsay, conjecture, or more often than not, a convenient attribution to help someone make their own point, or more simply said, a lie.  We do this at work and we see it happen in the press or social media from our political leaders and then we carry these false statements into our workplaces and our homes.  Why do we do it and more importantly, why do we think that we have to have a quote from the top to decide to agree or disagree one something?  This is our world.  In business and life there are more followers than leaders and the fear of making our own declarations that could be wrong force us into trying to figure out what the top is thinking and saying before we make our own moves.  It is dangerous and deadly to a company when we have to stop and hear what the top, or the next rung up the ladder says about something before we come to our own statement and point of view.

We like to think that we are grounded in God’s Word and that we know that what we are following is Biblical, but there are many quotes and sayings in our world that people think come from the Bible, but they don’t.  These are many times very good and inspirational statements, but they are not of God’s Word.  This matters as we are God’s example and testimony to Him today.  We ask why we need to be solidly grounded in God’s Word, this is one reason why.  Today, take a moment and be sure that you read some of God’s Word and let those words sit within your mind and heart.  You never know when you may be called on to speak encouragement, or consolation, or advice to another person.  In those moments, having God’s Word to call upon can and will be powerful.

Reference: Luke 10:27 (New Living Translation)