day 3K2: Fittest Of All?

Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.”

We all know the Snow White story.  The Queen asks her magic mirror who is the fairest person in the land and the mirror tells the Queen what she wants to hear, so she keeps going back for the same feedback.  Until, one day the mirror doesn’t reflect what the Queen expects and tells her she has been replaced by Snow White.  And then all of worst parts of the Queen take over…ego, jealousy, shame, anger, revenge.  I wonder if this is not us too?  We are on top of the world; our business or organization is crushing it.  Or we are tearing it up at work and everything is going great.  Then we get a piece of feedback or critique and find that we aren’t as perfect as we thought we were.  It’s then we have to make decision.  Do we channel that feedback into something productive, or do the traits of the evil Queen show up?  If we take in Feedback, gather Information and then deal what we needs to addressed with Transparency then the mirror may not tell us that we are fairest of all, but we can know that we are working to the F.I.T.test we can be.

God’s Word and the Holy Spirit is always bringing us the feedback and information we need to become more fit in our faith journey.  God wants us to be transparent with Him and others where we can become stronger and overcome our shortcomings.  God wants us fit and He gives us all we need to be so.  We just have to want it and then humble ourselves to Him and others to find what it is that we can do better.

Reference:  Philippians 2:3 (New Living Translation)