day 2883: Changing Colors

“As the light approaches, the earth takes shape like clay pressed beneath a seal; it is robed in brilliant colors.”

Who thought that a pandemic could sway our color choices?  But, I guess it makes sense because once you stare at the same four walls for months at a time, up comes a desire for anything different and any change.  So, the paint colors that were the rage in 2019 are gone already. “The grey from the twenty-teens,” said Garry Cohn, an independent designer and color expert for Curator. “Everyone has pushed that aside.” Browns and reds are out, too. What we want on our walls now are blues and greens; organic neutrals; and a handful of bold pinks, yellows, and purples that Cohn classifies as “escapism.” Glossy paint is also in maybe because we want anything bright and shiny right now.  Consumer behavior is fickle, but once a shift starts to be made, watch out.  It goes fast.

Maybe it is not a surprise that one of the few times that the word color is used in the Bible is in the book of Job. The times we are in and the challenges we feel today have been compared to a Job-ian experience.  So, maybe in the worst of times, a little color can make a difference.  A guest on The Faith Driven Entrepreneur podcast said, “God’s favorite color is transparency”.  It has stuck with me as we so many times see people do one thing and say another and our opinion can get colored, but that is not what God desires.  He wants us to be transparent and only focused on standing in the light of Him, which as we know is brilliant beyond our imagination.

Reference:  Job 38:14 (New Living Translation)