day 2875: Accomplices

“All who worship idols will be disgraced along with all these craftsmen—mere humans—who claim they can make a god.”

I’m reading a fictional book that mirrors the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.  What this book is reminding me of is that few people act alone when they are doing something wrong.  There are almost always accomplices.  Inside of our companies it takes only a few people to take things in the wrong direction.  That doesn’t have to be malfeasance or crime.  It can be a “political” move to undermine a person or project or to cast doubt on a direction or strategy that was already agreed.  As we know, there are power in numbers and when you get a few people all becoming accomplices to an action, then watch out.  We need to ultrasensitive right now to upholding and paying close attention to our stated values and principles because now more than ever, it is easier for just a few people, behind the scenes, to head off on their own in the wrong direction.  It’s also a time to recheck all of our safeguards, systems and processes that keep the checks and balances intact.

God judges not only the one who does wrong but also the accomplices.  It’s a tricky thing for those of us who are committed to doing right because our faith.  We can become accomplices by omission, which is as bad as being an active participant.  It’s hard to call out and expose what is is wrong, but if we are inhabited with what is right, we have no choice. We cannot just stand by or we run the risk of becoming an accomplice.

Reference: Isaiah 44:11 (New Living Translation)