day 2841: The Extra Art

“King Solomon then asked for a man named Huram to come from Tyre.”

As many of you know I am a supporter and admirer of the arts. I often wonder why I am so taken by the extra touches of anything that is created that I see as “art”.  I think it is because when someone put their efforts, skills, gifts and commitment into creating something for someone else I feel a deep respect as if that person created what they did, just for me.  While there is science and process to much we do in our work, there is also a lot of art and the room for that art to be added, if we are willing to go just a little further and spend extra time and consideration.  We all know it when we see it, but maybe we don’t appreciate it enough. The next time we see art in something that we wouldn’t expect to be such, let’s seek out who it was who gave the extra of themselves to us and be sure that they know that we appreciate them.

King Solomon needed a lot of practical things built for the construction of the Temple.  He was skilled himself in many trades, but there was a lot of bronze work that he wanted not only the practicality of the objects but he wanted the extra art to be there as well.  So, he sent for Huram who was obviously known for his talents and skills to come from Tyre to do the work.  We are then told of all of the things that were built and each had a touch of art upon them.  There will be times we are called on to do something and even though it might not be a requirement, maybe it is that we are to be different than others by giving the extra of ourselves to be sure that there is art in what we have created.

Reference: 1 Kings 7:13 (New Living Translation)