day 2594: Mirrorworld

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith…”

We are just a moment away from the Mirrorworld being here.  If you have experienced Augmented Reality, you have gotten a glimpse of what the mirrorworld may become.  AR companies like Magic Leap and others are having to replicate every physical object in order to be able to interact with that object in the “metaverse” (as described in the early 1990’s in the book Snowcrash). The mirrorworld has huge implications for us.  One day when we are too old to travel but have on our bucket list to visit the tomb of King Tut, we will be able to do so, in real time as we visit there within the mirrorworld.  We may one day try new tasks by doing so without touching the physical world first.  How about no wrongly placed picture hanger holes behind our pictures ever again?  And when the internet of things (iot) arrives with everything connected, then each item will be able to see each other, maybe even taking care of each other. A chairs under the table after dinner may see that another chair has a piece of food sitting on it that if left there could cause s stain, so the seeing chair may tell us that we need to do some cleaning. When the mirrorworld arrives it will be exciting.

We can go into today knowing that God has already created His mirrorworld for us.  He has surrounded us by a crowd of witnesses who are there with us as we travel through our time on this earth.  What this reminds me is that God never sends us into this world alone.  He is always with us and goes even beyond that by assuring us that we are always surrounded by His witnesses and what is better today than being surrounded by Him?

Reference: Hebrews 12:1 (New Living Translation)