day 2552: Replenish And Refresh

“The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.”

Last Friday, the monthly job growth numbers came out.  There was a slow down to 155K payroll jobs created versus 198K expected, but it still was an increase. The increase month-over-month without exception has happened since the beginning of 2008. How long will it last?  We don’t know.  But, we do know that we are facing a long-term labor shortage in some critical areas.  What happens is that in areas of economic growth, like technology, that once we go into a deficit of labor/talent that the time frame to recover to full replenishment can be very long and maybe never can be overcome, unless there is a significant slowdown or collapse in the need of those skills and experience.  The attached chart shows just that long-term effect.  This is why we must always be thinking about constantly replenishing and refreshing our talent pools.  If you are looking at shortage coming (retirements, competitive hiring, restrictions on the pipeline – immigration or lack of education) then now is the time to look to how your teams can be refreshed to meet the needs of the future so that there is always a chance at replenishment.




We can also feel this draining in our journey to bring glory to God in our work.  This is why God tells us that we need to be daily replenishing and renewing our relationship with Him. He wants to bring us the energy, commitment and encouragement to bring in the harvest for Him.  He told us that the workers are few, so why wouldn’t He be committed to keeping us renewed in Him? And how do we also do this, we refresh others first.  I totally love that promise!

Reference: Proverbs 11:25 (New Living Translation)