day 2432: Deep Fakes

“Truthful words stand the test of time, but lies are soon exposed.”

The political world is just now wrapping their minds around what will be the outcome and fallout from “Deep Fakes”.  Deep Fakes are videos and audio that have been altered but the altering is not evident to anyone but an expert.  I’ve seen a few of these and the implications could be more of what we have now; the rush to expose, regardless if there is truth or not and then no commitment to expose what is true or not.  With any of these new technologies there is also the risk of corporate sabotage as well.  Imagine that we watch a video of our CEO saying something so far from the truth and so far off character that we can’t believe it was really her.  But, there she is, on camera saying it. The problem with Deep Fakes is that it wasn’t her at all. I love technology and wouldn’t be able to write this blog without it, but I am pretty sure that we are in for a rough ride for a while as it relates to what is real, what is true and what is not.

Nothing hurts more than when someone who professes to be one way, who people respect, admire and follow and then they turn out to be not the person that we thought they were.  In our faith walk, there are always others watching us and in the workplace they are watching even more closely.  Because of human skepticism and our tendency to look for the worst, not the best, the expectation is that we are all in someway “Deep Fakes”.  Our words and actions are being always tested. In one sense, we are, because we will all make mistakes, sin and sometimes even fall, but those that do their best to be transparent and real, can be a real difference in the world of “Deep Fakes”.

Reference:  Proverbs 12:19 (New Living Translation)