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day 2747: 5G

“…for the Lord is your security. He will keep your foot from being caught in a trap.”

All those prognostications of the future (from me too) of the internet of things with everything being connected is just about upon us.  5G technology gives us the “bandwidth” to hook up just about everything.  I read a great article in Wired Magazine about 5G enabled farms and the change of productivity and information for analyzing, etc. is magnitudes more than anything we have ever seen. If farmers are on their way to adopting and implementing 5G then we can expect that all of our businesses and organizations need to be thinking about how to best put 5G to work for us. One way to think about it is this.  What can’t you now keep track of, or don’t know enough about how often it used, or how is everything we have utilized against its’ capacity?  Potentially what 5G is going to give us more than anything else is visibility to so many things we have that don’t use, how we should and not enough.  That will lead to rethinking a lot of what we do, what we buy and when we buy. Some would call this a very welcome risk management tool.

I wonder if we shouldn’t be thinking today that God and the Holy Spirit is like our 5G and that He is looking at and within us, speaking to us in how are utilizing our time, energy and resources against what we are given and what is put upon us.  With that visibility to His will also provides us His security as we become more aware of risks and temptations upon us. Our work gives us a great part of our lives to evaluate and ensure that we are doing all that we can do to bring glory to Him through our work with excellence, commitment, integrity and the caring of others.  The next time we hear or read the term “5G”, think that God is right there with us at all times.

Reference: Proverbs 3:26 (New Living Translation)