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day 2282: Wirecutters

“Give us today the food we need…

It seems everywhere we turn we are being offered to un-bundle from our cable subscriptions.  On Monday night, the Emmy’s presented their Best Drama of the year to a show that is on Hulu.  I dare to say that there are plenty of people who don’t even know that Hulu exists and if they do, they are still in qualms as to whether or they want to pay for another streaming service (Netflix and Amazon dominate…for now).  This phenomena of wirecutting is going to continue and if your business or organization relies on customers or consumers relying on a bundle of anything, then it is time to think again what the right offerings should be.  Videogames are winning the attention and dollars of consumers with the smallest of bites of entertainment.  Something to think about.

Ever wonder why Jesus taught us to pray the Lord’s Prayer that starts with “Give us this day our daily bread?”.  Why didn’t He have us pray, “Give us this day our weekly allowance….or our annual allocation”?  It’s obvious that He was modeling that we should return to Him and the Father daily so that our reliance is only on Him.  But, maybe it is not all that obvious that it is in small amounts that come in repetition and discipline that we are at our best.  Think about how we best learn.  Think about what happens to us when we bite off more than we can chew or receive too much of anything at once.  Maybe we were born to be those who are our best when we take in small amounts until we are ready for more.  God never cuts the wire on us.  Instead, He feeds us with just what we need when we return to Him daily.

Reference: Matthew 6:11 (New Living Translation)