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day 2419: Dynasties

“But I lavish unfailing love for a thousand generations on those who love me and obey my commands.”

It’s that time of year when the sports pundits like to talk about “Dynasties”; those teams or organizations who defy the odds and win over and over. But, we all know that dynasties are not assured from one year to another. Media companies used to also use the word and Time, Inc. was as much of a dynasty as they came, and soon they will be no more.  Anyone inside of a company knows how hard it is to repeat growth quarter over quarter, much less year over year.  The constant effort and investment to get better and better comes and goes with the commitment and dedication of the leaders in place.  And, a strong vision of the future is required and of course, a lot of luck.  Dynasties are built one year at a time, so if you are having year after year growth and success, you just might be part of the next dynasty.

There is only one dynasty that remains true from day to day, year to year and into eternity and that is God’s Kingdom, which we are a part of and get to eternally belong. Since we know that, what is it that we can do today to expand and further His dynasty?  It might be that today as we return to our jobs that we double down on focusing on those areas where we have not been as we know God wants us to be.  One day at a time and we can build from there.

Reference:  Exodus 20:6 (New Living Translation)