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day 2682: Teaching To Learn (25th Anniversary Redux of day 325)

(Patti and I are on our 25th Wedding Anniversary Trip in Europe and I am going analog for two weeks, so PwK will revisit posts that were originally numbered 25 for the next two weeks)

“I have recited aloud all the regulations you have given us.”

Invariably we are asked to repeat something to someone else for what will feel like the umpteenth time. It will be someone new into the company, a co-worker who wasn’t listening, or a boss who doesn’t pay enough attention, etc. At some time we probably all have found ourselves saying, “How many times do I have to repeat myself?” The fact is that if you have ever said this to yourself it only means that you have information and knowledge that others need, so in a sense you are being asked to teach others what to do or how to do something. But in those moments, it does feel like there is not a lot of value added for the repetition. However, with a little attitude adjustment we will be able to see that in fact what is happening is that we are improving ourselves with each repetition and with each time that we teach, we actually learn again. The old saying is; “He/She who teaches, learns twice”. I think this is so true even in situations where the messages being delivered are the same, there is always a better way of delivering or an added part of the story that gets built as the repetitions occur. So, we should not miss the opportunities to teach others, even when it feels like rote and redundant.

In Psalm 119:13 we read that David used words spoken out loud to reinforce and learn; “I have recited aloud all the laws you have given us.” David learned the laws by heart by reciting them out loud over and over. It is the same with how we repeat and recite those things that are a part of our work. As we get put into the situations where it feels repetitive, let’s not miss the opportunity to know that we are teaching others as we go and that the words from our mouth can become the words that are recited and followed by others. Every time we teach, we learn again. Here is to a day of learning.

Reference: Psalm 119:13 (New Living Testament)