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day 850: Freemium

“But when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, you will receive power and will tell people about me everywhere – …”

When we sign up for entertainment applications and services that are “Freemium” models then we have to be ready for some distraction and interruptions. The “Freemium” model is one that many people subscribe and don’t even understand it is happening to them. We sign up for something that is “free” and we get a “baseline” service or offering and it’s enough to get the job done, but it usually comes with something that is missing or something that we don’t want and if we move up to a paying customer (even if that is a little) then something is either added or removed that makes the service better. As I write this I am listening to a contemporary christian music playlist on Spotify; the latest and hottest music streaming service. I don’t pay for Spotify, I have the free baseline offering which means at nearly every second or third song I get a commercial advertisement. It’s 15-30 seconds of something like “Team in Training” or a promotion for another artist’s new album. I don’t mind really as it’s a small distraction. Also, without out paying I can’t stream on my iphone, but again, that’s not a big enough incentive to make me pay. So, I listen to the ads and move on. the same is true for Pandora, online free videos, etc. It’s the “Freemium” world we live in.

Aren’t we so happy and blessed that God didn’t set up a “Freemium” model for our salvation and eternal life? He didn’t deliver us a baseline offering that we then could pay or earn our way up or into. Instead he did the just the opposite. He laid it all on the line for us and paid it all forward so all we have to do is “download” Him into our life and then let Him have access to our heart. How awesome is that model? As we carry His model into the world with how we live, act, work and share, let’s be sure that we are following His truly free model and be sure that we are loving others under His terms and standards. Think about this today!

Reference: Acts 1:8 (New Living Testament)