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day 425: Quietly Going About…

There are multiple categories of people who we work with on our jobs. There are people who are “loud” about their work and there are those who are “quiet” about their work. Those who are loud are the ones who when things are going well, everyone knows about it and when things are going poorly, surely everyone knows about it. These people tend to be the people who are quick to boast and brag and also quick to deflect and point blame, or be sure that it is always some other reason for things not coming together, etc. Then there are the quiet workers. We know them well. They do their job without a lot of fanfare, drama, or extras. When things are going well, they may have an additional step in their gait or a smile on their face, but they don’t go tell others much about it and when things don’t go well, they shrug their shoulders and they get back to work. They quietly go about their jobs. There is something calm and peaceful about these people and while the spotlight may seldom come their way, we all appreciate them and we like to be with them, especially when things get a little rocky and wavy. When we think about how we work, I believe we can take some lessons from those who quietly go about their work. Calm, peaceful, steady, predictable and quiet about ourselves is a good way to be known. I was reading in I Kings Chapter six about how Solomon went about building the temple and I was struck by verse 7, which reads; “The stones used in construction of the Temple were prefinished at the quarry, so the entire structure was built without the sound of hammer, ax, or any other iron tool at the building site.” The Temple was built quietly. There is a lesson here for us today.

Reference: I Kings 6:7 (New Living Testament)