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day 23: God’s Seniority

Many businesses use seniority to determine rankings, privilege, pay, promotion, etc. Others use performance along with tenure. God pretty much throws the whole thing out the window and tells us that we are not to even worry about being important, and in fact the least of us here will the most important in heaven and vice versa. And you may wonder, how are we to reconcile that with the way that our work lives are structured where the only way to get more is to get ahead and that means getting ahead of others? You might be embroiled in this right now. You want that promotion and you are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Even if that means that you don’t play nice in the sandbox with your fellow co-workers. You may not be malicious about it, but sharing a little less information with the competing person or positioning yourself to catch the recognition when it is doled out; well that’s all part of the game, yes? Not according to Him. Jesus says in Matthew 19:30; “But many who seem to be important now will be the least important then, and those who are considered least here will be the greatest then”. What is Jesus saying to us? He’s telling us that when we are worried about progressing and becoming more important here (and taking all of the actions to get to that level of importance) that we are playing for the wrong prize and in fact, we are playing the wrong game all together. God doesn’t really care about whether or not we are a Manager or a Vice President (after having been a CEO, I think he really doesn’t care about that for sure…and that it’s one of the humorous things in life that we can strive to have the top position that is the hardest and most life-sucking position you can imagine) what He cares about is the type of person we are and how we are living and representing Him to others. Sure, God wants us to achieve and be blessed. The Bible is full of His promises to make our lives abundant but He doesn’t want us sacrificing our eternal standing to gain en earthly and temporal position. And really for sure, He doesn’t want us to let the lack of progress here get us down and stop the good works that can happen in us, regardless of our standing or position. So, if not today, sometime soon, you will be faced with “what do I have to do to get ahead here?” Think hard on the question and don’t let the answer be anything that will cause you to lose your humility and grace with which you work. If you do, then you are potentially losing out on God’s seniority ranking and the biggest promotions of your eternity.

Reference: Matthew 19:30 (New Living Testament)