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day 3K340: Scale

“You see, his faith and his actions worked together. His actions made his faith complete.”

If we don’t know where we are or how to measure if we are improving or not, then we could end up just running in place.  There has to be some sort of scale that we buy into and all understand. According to Quartz, “Galileo Galilei was the first person to invent a device that gauged heat in the early 16th century. But his thermoscope, as it’s called, was missing a crucial piece that differentiated it from the thermometer: a scale. It could show that temperature had changed, but not by how much.”  Without an understanding of scale, then we can’t make sense of what to do next from where we are now. It’s important.

One place we don’t need a scale, nor will there ever (at least in this life) be given to us is the level of our faith.  We know from scriptures that our faith can sometimes be low and sometimes be high and always has the opportunity to grow.  But, where are we now?  Well, we are right where the Holy Spirit is giving us the sense of where we are.  I have found in my life that there are times when my faith weakens and I rely upon myself.  There are other times when I have surrendered it all and and placed every bit of faith I could muster in Him.  And, I know that the more I am in touch with God’s Word, fellowship, worship, prayer and service that my faith will increase and grow.  So, in God’s realm, don’t worry about a scale.  Let’s just give it our all.

Reference: James 2:22 (New Living Translation)