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day 99: Glory Given

Finding our purpose in our work seems more relevant today than ever. Every where we turn someone we meet is either out of work or in a job that they wish they could get out of, but because of the economy they feel stuck. As such, more time and emphasis is being placed on making our work purposeful, meaningful, significant and relevant. These are lofty and admiral goals to have. If the line of sight of your job to those ambitious words is not obvious, do not be discouraged. There is much more behind those words than just being able to declare that we have “found it”! One thing we know for sure is that regardless of the work we do, whether it be as a welder, a teacher, an executive, a truck-driver, or a software engineer, God has given us all the same purpose on earth that we can take to the office with us. In His prayer Jesus says to His Father: “I brought glory to you here on earth by doing everything you told me to do.”. What an amazing statement. Jesus is telling us that we are here on this earth to bring glory to God and the way we do it is by doing everything He tells us to do. And beyond that, we don’t have to then go figure out what it is that God wants us to do, instead He gives us an owner’s manual in the Bible that we can read, study and apply to our lives. This hearty lesson does not stop just because we go to work and try to leave God at home. The lesson applies in the office, on the route truck, in the field and in headquarters. Bring glory to God in all that you do and you will be living and working within His purpose for you. May today be a day when you feel lifted up and encouraged in this, God’s promise and Word.

Reference: John 17:4 (New Living Testament)