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day 723: Assistants

“But joyful are those who have the God of Israel as their helper, whose hope is in the Lord their God.”

I can remember when I was assigned my first executive assistant. One day I was doing all of my work on my own, and then the next I had someone who wanted to help me manage my calendar and all of my administrative duties. I would say that it took me a good while to understand how best to utilize such a valuable resource. In this day and age even some of the most senior people in a company will share an executive assistant and with the advances in technology and digital communication it makes sense. Still, having someone who can assist and help is such a gift. And then to think of the people we know who treat assistants shoddily or don’t value them for what they can do or bring to the office. Assistants should receive great respect and treatment because when led correctly, they can increase our productivity immeasurably.

Now, imagine that we had the assistance of God always with us? Why do we have to imagine, as we do! God wants to be our helper and He is constantly asking and offering out to us His assistance. But, we don’t take it, or we continue to decide to go it alone and see what happens. Even on the surface it doesn’t make sense that we just turn our back on that much help. Today, think about where you could use the help and don’t be hesitant on calling on Him for whatever the need may be. He is not only just outside of your office He is the assistant who is right there with you, right now.

Reference: Psalm 146:5 (New Living Testament)