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day 821: Grouping

“Jesus called his twelve disciples to Him…”

Over the past few weeks we have watched what can happen when people group together over a cause. Whether you agree with the decisions or not, they both are useful examples of how in today’s age of social media what can happen when a group of people, whether they know each or not, come together in solidarity. When decisions are about to be made, or when decisions are made that people don’t agree with, and the public opinion is galvanized through tools such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. then these groups become very influential and powerful. Advertisers and concerned parties are watching to see what matters and who cares. We cannot underestimate the power of grouping as it relate to how consumers relate to our products, services, brand and company.

As believers we also bring power and influence in our solidarity. A small group of people who bring to others a consistent example can be very compelling. Sociologist Robert Belair of Princeton University said, “We should not underestimate the significance of a small group of people who have a vision for a just and gentle world. The quality of a whole culture may be changed when two percent of its people have a new vision.” Jesus knew the power of a group. He called twelve together and brought to them a new vision of the world. As we look around in the office, is there a small group of believers that you can group with? There is a difference to be made by doing so.

Reference: Matthew 10:1