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day 824: Orderly

“Jesus replied, ‘All those who love me will do what I say.”

I am just returning from a week in the United Kingdom. It was for fun but I continued to get some exposure to how business is done differently in other parts of the world. If there is a place in the world where business is “orderly”, it is in Great Britain. When something does go awry, it’s a big deal and there is lots of public scrutiny, as we have recently seen regarding the hacking of the news corps. Even watching the BAFTA Awards last night on TV demonstrates how things can be done well when orderly and without fanfare or hyperbole. There is a time to be orderly and respectful of rules, and that should be more often.

Jesus taught us to be orderly people. In John 14:24 he didn’t “suggest” what we are to do, he “told” us and it’s very clear that we are to do what He says. And yes, if we follow His orders then the rest of our lives will become orderly in way that will be pleasing to Him and the example to others that we want to demonstrate. How then can we take his command more seriously and consistently? We start by starting this week, this day, with His discipline of diving into His Word to learn more. Let’s start there and now with His Word being ordered first and foremost in our minds.

Reference: John 14:24 (New Living Testament)