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day 3K309: The Best Way of Waking Up

“Because of God’s tender mercy, the morning light from heaven is about to break upon us…”

There are plenty of studies that have confirmed that the best way to get a good night’s sleep is to have the room as dark as possible. But, what about the best way to wake up and let our bodies know it is time to get going?  According to Kimberly Fenn, a cognitive neuroscientist who studies sleep and learning at Michigan State University, the best way to wake up, especially if we are trying to get going for exercise, etc. before the sun comes up and hits us is to “have bright access lighting in the morning to help train our your circadian cycle.”  The bright light tells our brain to stop creating melatonin and get going.  She suggests a light that has 10,000 lux.  That would be the equivalent of ten 100-watt bulbs.  That’s in the light therapy category which most of won’t have.  The bottom of the spectrum that Fenn and others say can make a difference is about 2000 Lux which is the same as two 100-watt bulbs.  So, next time you take a look at those vanity mirror lights it might be time to up the wattage.

Of course, the best way of waking up is the best part of waking up, with time with the true Son.  My Pastor, Terry Brisbane does a daily 90 second dose of “Sonshine” with what we call, “Rise and Shine”.  You can find it here.  He calls it a daily spiritual vitamin.  Yes, with with all of the Sonshine it has plenty of Vitamins for us. Check it out and regardless, let’s wake up in whatever way you can with the light of the Son each and every day.

Reference:  Luke 1:78 (New Living Translation)