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day 1050: Scouts

“The Lord now said to Moses, ‘Send men to explore the land of Canaan, the land I am giving to Israel.”

I always liked when I got to be a part of the team who was involved in a merger or acquisition.  When it was time for due diligence, it always felt like being a scout sent out to explore, learn, gather, come back and report. I learned that not everyone sees the same thing in the same way.  There were times when we’d  all be listening to the same person tell us about a part of the prospective business and then when we debriefed, there would be as many opinions as there were people around the table.  Maybe that is why it’s always smart to send out more than one scout.  The same can be said for how we think about taking on competition or moving into a new marketplace.  Put your best out there to scout, but make sure there is more than one who brings back their intelligence.

God told Moses to send 12 scouts to look into the land of Canaan.  Only two saw the land as positive and someplace that they should move forward into.  What ended up happening is that Moses and the people all sided with the 10 who were negative.  Consequently, as we know, only the two, Joshua and Caleb, ever returned to Canaan.  God has sent us as scouts for His Kingdom.  He has told us through His Word for what we should be searching and looking. Out challenge is do we believe what He has told us so that we can see the blessings and promises that can be ours.  Today, you get to be a “scout” for God.  Think about that as you enter this workday and see what you see to report back to others.

Reference:  Numbers 13:1 (New Living Translation)