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day 43: Lifted Up

In the Psalms, David is such an inspiration. He seems to almost always have the right word for the right time. David was a worker before he was a king. He worked in the fields as a shepherd and learned a skill the hard way, through experience. When we are mired down in the muck and mire of work and we feel like we are caught in a pit, that pit can easily feel like a pit of despair. At work it can be the smallest of things that put us in this mood and feeling. Why such a little thing like an errant word in an email, or a phone call not returned, or not being invited to a meeting can create a feeling of loss or hurt? These are the little things that, for some reason take on a life of their own and can quickly turn into an all consuming issue. When this happens we can quickly lose our perspective and instead of looking at our problems from the top of the mountain top of confidence, we look up and out of our pit of despair and the issues just get worse and worse by the minute. So what are we to do? While many things at work can be managed and handled through our own skills and experiences, there are many things that we need to turn over to God and let Him work it through for us. Psalms 40:2 gives us a clear example of what God can do for us. David says. “He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along.” This is the God who comes to work with us day in and day out. He doesn’t need to swipe an access card to come to hang with us at work. All he needs is the invitation from us to join us in the pit and meet us in the mud and mire. If we are willing to invite Him to take over and help us through the challenges we face we will find ourselves finding the solid footing that we once had. Can you take God to work with you so that He can lift you up?

Reference: Psalm 40:2 (New Living Testament)