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day 2642: The Unpredictable

“…for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what needs to be said…”

We all know the story of how the Post-It-Notes happened.  It was an unpredictable finding that the glue that wasn’t strong enough could be used for reusable paper sticking.  This week I read a story about an unpredictable set of uses of cars in Japan.  Car sharing in Japan has been around long enough that the daily use of a shared car can be as low as $10/day.  So, for $10/day or $300/month, in Japan the car is getting used in very unpredictable ways that have nothing to do with driving. In fact, the car rental companies are finding that cars are being turned in that hardly moved at all.  You see, for $10/day, the car is being used as a place to take a nap, or as a quiet spot to not be interrupted in the office and for $300/month, the car is a lot cheaper for storage than a storage unit in Japan.  There are reports that cars are being utilized as closets for clothes and shoes, etc.  I believe this as one of the Japanese employees who worked for us at EA used the office cabinets as their closet away from home, as their apartment didn’t have a closet.  Unpredictable uses will always arise, so don’t be surprised when someone suggests that there might be another possibility for your product or service than you imagined.  It could be that the unpredictable is actually the big idea.

God has sent the Holy Spirit to make what we can do for Him seem so unpredictable.  Little do we know what God wants to do with us today.  If we attune ourselves to Him and allow the Holy Spirit to direct and move us in the moment, then what is unpredictable, even to us, can become part of what we do today in our work to bring glory to Him.

Reference: Luke 12:12 (New Living Translation)