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day 1279: Citizenship

“But whatever happens to me, you must live in a manner worthy of the Good News about Christ, as a citizen of heaven”

Our political system has been spending many fruitless cycles on immigration and citizenship.  We seem to be stuck in an argument about whether or not we want more citizens.  A citizen is one who gives their allegiance to their government and in turn receives that government’s protection.  We can say that inside of our companies we have “citizens”.  When someone joins our organization and becomes provides their allegiance to the vision, mission and goals of the company and management, then in turn the company protects them with a salary, benefits, opportunity to work, etc. In return, when this works correctly, we get good citizenship from our employees and that in itself is good.  But, how often do we think of our employees as citizens, versus just hired help who just come and go? Do we get allegiance this way?  Do we think about protecting our talent?  This is where most companies miss out.  If we stopped and thought about someone making that all important choice to come to work for us, versus someplace else, as a desire to “join” us and to become a part of us, as citizens then we might well approach the whole relationship differently, and assuredly more productively.

Paul challenges the Philippians to act as citizens of heaven.  That is, for us to give our allegiance to God and to receive God’s protection when we live and act to His standards.  It’s a simple question today – are you approaching today’s work and life as a sworn citizen of God’s Kingdom? If you are, then today will be a great day for you and the Kingdom!

Reference:  Philippians 1:27 (New Living Translation)