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day 46: It Should Have Been Me!

You were passed over for the big promotion. You didn’t get to go on the business trip. The project was given to someone else. The sales territory was split up and you lost out on the best accounts. The boss just pays way more attention to others than to you. You have been in the same position much longer than everyone else. You are sure that you make less money than everyone else at your level. How many of these are real and how many are just “work ghosts” that keep showing up and tormenting you? What are these all about? At the root, it is easy to be jealous and envious at work. The whole system is set up to pit one person against another where someone wins and someone is left out, passed by or just the loser. We are not to be envious or jealous. Both of these are emotions that can get in between our relationship with God. We are to do whatever we need to do to not allow ourselves to slip into these states or mind. The Proverbs tell us how bad this can be as jealousy is described as “cancer in the bones”. I have never known anyone who has had bone cancer but I am told that it is one of the most painful of all cancers with every move putting pressure and strain on one’s bones. It is not a pretty picture. In the same verse, we are also told that a removal of those things in our heart that does not promote peace and allows for our hearts to be peaceful, that we can expect a healthy body in return. As we look at the things at work that we find ourselves feeling jealous or envious about, we need to do what we can to remove these instigators and replace them with those thoughts and things that can promote a peaceful heart. Today, call on God to show you the things in work that are getting under your skin and ask Him for His help to put these aside as the unimportant things in life.

Reference: Proverbs 14:30 (New Living Testament)