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day 2935: First Moves

“Joseph was thirty years old when he entered the service of Pharaoh king of Egypt. And Joseph went out from Pharaoh’s presence and traveled throughout Egypt.”

What should one do when first hired, promoted or appointed into a new position?  There are lots of schools of thought, but my learning has been that the first thing to be done is to meet and get to know as many as one can, everyone on the their new team.  Too many times I have found that new leaders will focus their attention up (boss and boss’s bosses) and laterally (peers), when whom really we need is our team who can help us get the work done and who can make or break our credibility and reputation.  Neglect this group of people and expect the negative ramifications that will be the result.

God’s Word continues to illuminate.  Listening to Pastor Terry’s message a week back he highlighted Genesis 41:45-46.  As he spoke about other facets of Joseph’s rise into Pharaoh’s inner leadership circle, I was struck by the last sentence of the passage.  After Joseph ascended into his new position he left Pharaoh and the rest of the team and went out into Egypt to learn (other versions say he went to “inspect”), listen and without a doubt meet the people who would not have known him, but whom now he would have authority over.  It makes sense to me as so many of our Bible examples were people (Jesus included) who were about being among and with the people they led or taught.  It’s a great reminder and example that that our first moves as part of our purpose to glorify God through our work are seldom done in isolation or alone.

Reference:  Genesis 41:46 (New International Version)