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day 2561: First To Be Discovered

“Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the reign of King Herod. About that time some wise men from eastern lands arrived in Jerusalem, asking, “Where is the newborn king of the Jews? We saw his star as it rose,and we have come to worship him.”

We’ve all become used to how to become discoverable now with bluetooth,  or airdrop, or turning on our personal hotspots.  We do it now without hesitation nor worry and the pairing of devices has become so simple that anyone can now do it without assistance.  But, it all starts with the action of becoming discoverable.  Many start-ups today like to start in stealth mode and then not show themselves to the market until they are ready to make a splash or at least prove that they have something exciting to present.  And, then if they are successful they race to become discovered in the public markets like Uber and Lyft are doing now by both having filed their S-1s and seeing who can get to the public markets first. The fun starts when we make ourselves or what we have to offer discoverable.  Imagine if we ran our companies or organizations on the principle of always being discoverable so that others inside and outside of the company could always see what skills, experience, support, help, ideas that others had to offer…all the time.  Imagine how much resource and capability is just sitting inside of your company today, that you don’t even know about, but could tap into, if you could only make everything discoverable.  Might be worth giving this an extra thought.

When God placed the star in the sky to point the Magi in the direction of Jesus, He was making our savior, for the first time, discoverable to the world.  We don’t know if anyone else noticed, but we’d be kind of naive to think that others didn’t also see this star and wonder what was going on and there might even have been others who followed the star and found Jesus the same way the Magi did.  And, not that many years later, Jesus again became discoverable to all those who heard and saw Him, continuing through to today.  When Jesus became discoverable He also made Himself available for us to pair to Him for eternity.  Like on our phones, all we have to do is accept the connection.

Tomorrow we celebrate God giving us Jesus and the discovery of the gift of eternal life.   May each of you have a joyous and special Christmas of celebration and welcome to the New Year!

***Purposed worKING will be back on January 2nd, 2019!***

Reference: Matthew 2:1-2 (New Living Translation)