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day 2523: Future Jobs

 “So do not worry about tomorrow; it will have enough worries of its own.”

Not a day goes by that I don’t read something about AI/Machine learning and the replacement of human jobs.  And with each article comes the dystopian future where we need to be worried about robots and computers taking over.  Maybe that is a worry worth considering so that we don’t let it get out of control but I’d also rather start worrying about what it means to have all of these new human jobs that we don’t have people trained or ready to perform.  That’s the other side (the positive) side of the coin. Fifteen years ago if you said you were a data-scientist you’d probably get a strange look.  Today, with that declaration you’d get ten job offers.  The same fifteen years ago, social media marketer or cyber-security expert would have been other unknown jobs.  But today, those are in-demand careers.  We have lots to worry about, but that new and different work and jobs won’t be created, that seems like the lesser of worries.

God is asking us to serve Him today in our jobs.  He asks us to work with all our heart and work as if we are working for the Lord.  He also tells us to not worry about tomorrow.  Couple those two messages and we should go to work fired up today that we are working on the right things and do our work at no less than 100% of what we have to give. There is a tomorrow in front of us that represents the “future”, but that’s not for us to worry about when we have so much today to do right in front of us.

Reference: Matthew 6:34 (Good News Translation)