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day 145: Troubling Hearts

It’s confusing sometimes with the work we do. We claim that none of this is so important that we are going to let it get to us but then we end up taking our work home with us figuratively (and many times literally) and either dumping our emotions out on those around us at home or holding it inside of us so tightly that our mood and actions are affected. This is when those around us feel like we are really taking it out on them. Either way, we allow our work to get so deep within us that we allow it to affect who we are. I remember once a work situation that was so troubling that I literally felt a physical weight on my shoulders to the point that I couldn’t even make it go away while I was out running (my usual stress release). That day I had to pull up and walk because I just couldn’t get rid of the stress and the troubling feeling. I suspect that I am not alone. It could be the hard decision to be made, changes that need to be executed, difficult conversations to be had or just a pile of work that needs to be done sooner than you think it can be completed. However it comes it adds up quickly and before long it can feel like it is overtaking you. Jesus talks about removing the troubles of our hearts and giving them over to Him. We see this in John 14:1; “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.” It seems so trivial to bring our work issues and problems to God when there are so many other things that are bigger, farther reaching, and more about the hurts and pain of other people. But that is not what Jesus says. He doesn’t say bring everything to me other than your work problems. We can feel comfortable in that God wants us to bring glory to Him in how we work and if we are troubled then we are losing out on the promise that has been given to us if we will only trust in Him. It is when we are giving it all over to Him that we are in the spirit and closest to working our purpose. Give it a try today.

Reference: John 14:1 (New Living Testament)