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day 2233: Goodby Dandelion!

 “As the light approaches, the earth takes shape like clay pressed beneath a seal; it is robed in brilliant colors.”

The Crayola company announced that the color Dandelion, first introduced in 1990, will cease to be made this year, ending its 27 year existence.  As I am sure you are reacting, this is not the end of the world.  But, I do find it a little sad as might there be children somewhere in the world who don’t have dandelions in their backyards and will come to their own conclusion as to what is the color of that flower (well, actually, that weed).  The Dandelion color, like the Dandelion does each spring, will disappear for now, but this time without leaving the spores that create more and more.  Again, it’s not a big deal at all, but somewhere within Crayola a lot of people were part of this decision. There surely was research.  That research must have shown that another color introduction was “testing” better and that they already have enough shades of yellow to accommodate the desires and needs of those that color.  I also wonder if maybe the growth of adult coloring books didn’t influence the need for change.  It doesn’t really matter, but what is absolute is that even the most consistent of companies and offerings have to change with the times, if they want to continue to exist.  Yes, even our color preferences change.  Have you noticed the new colors of cars with their muted tones; putty, gun-metal and khaki.  Who would have thought?

Yes, the colors of our world change and take on new meanings, and we adapt with these changes, and through it all as Believers we can hold onto white, crimson and gold as we work and live through our days.  The white that represents purity and light of God’s love. The crimson of the blood He shed for us.  And, the gold that will shine brightly on the pavement of our eternal home. We are daily given reminders that no matter the changes around us, God stands firmly where He was, is and will be!

Reference:  Job 38:14 (New Living Translation)