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day 3K258: The Watchouts – Weasels

“No accounting of this money was required from the construction supervisors, because they were honest and trustworthy men.”

Most people we come across in the workplace who act out for themselves and/or try to undermine and undercut people are just the people whom for whatever reasons like fear, insecurity or something that has been pressed upon them by others, do sneaky and slimy things without really knowing they are doing them. Sure, somewhere deep inside they know it is wrong, but they have covered up the difference between these little rights and wrongs for so long ago that today they don’t even know what they are doing that hurts others.  For these people, we learn their ways and maybe we shouldn’t, but we take them as they are and just learn to work with and around them.  But, there are those who are deliberate in their actions and these (as Jim VandeHei call them) are The Weasels.  Weasels are not a good animal example to be compared. They are sneaky, they are conniving, they are cunning and they are dangerous.  When we spot a Weasel in our business, we have to bring attention to them so that someone higher up than them can decide what to do.  The times I have encountered Weasels, and I have, I’ve done my part to exit them from the company.  It’s not right for anyone other than the Weasel for them to be able to do their dirty business.

No one can trust a Weasel.  Which, is why we never can be one of them if we think that someone else would trust our beliefs.  We must be trustworthy to truly bring glory to God through our work.  We want to be as trustworthy as the Temple construction workmen where King Joash and his staff were able to put so much trust in them that they didn’t need any oversight or even accounting.  That’s the opposite of being a Weasel and that is who we want to be, or at least strive to be in the eyes of God and others.

Reference: 2 Kings 12:15 (New Living Translation)