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day 2647: TikTok

“He took David from tending the ewes and lambs and made him the shepherd of Jacob’s descendants— God’s own people, Israel.”

You may not be paying attention to the app TikTok.  It’s a place for people making short videos to tell stories.  It’s not all that new and it’s wildly popular.  It’s a place that “influencers” are rising from and soon some will break through and we all will know of them.  The naysayers don’t believe that.  They think that movies and TV still remains the place where our “influencers” are formed and found.  Instagram and YouTube are already producing “influencers” who are finding the mainstream, so TikTok is not far behind. Brand marketers know that those on TikTok are their next generation market, so we should be thinking about the TikTok scene for our next generation customers and consumers and the next tech tool to spread our messages.

The Bible is chocked full of “influencers” who came from seemingly nowhere to be influential faith leaders and examples that we still follow today. That is the thing about how God works.  He takes the “nobody” and if they are faithful and obedient, He allows them to become huge influences for His Kingdom. If we are wondering what we can do to be an “influencer” for Christ and think that God can’t do anything with us in a big way, then just look at what He did with a little boy, the weakest and smallest of a family and the most unlikely to be chosen for much of anything other than to tend the sheep.  David.  Little David, who grew to be King David, the voice and life we learn from even today.  God has His hand on us and if we desire to be an “influencer” for Him, He will show us the way. There are more ways today than ever to influence and He knows how we can be utilized the best.  He’s just waiting for us to ask and then do.

Reference: Psalm 78:71 (New Living Translation)