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day 1479: Influence

“None of them could stand against the wisdom and the Spirit with which Stephen spoke.”

Yesterday, I wrote of persuasiveness.  Today, I want to talk about what can make one persuasive, and that is influence.  In the business world, those who are most influential are the ones who get their way and have their ideas adopted. While one can learn influence skills, I’ve always felt that some people have it, and others don’t.  Those that have it are like a baseball pitcher who not only has many different kinds of pitches to use, but more importantly, with the advice of the catcher, has the judgment of when and how to throw what pitch to who, when and where (sounds like Abbott and Costello’s and  baseball comedy routine).  Having more than one method of influence is critical so that one can maneuver in many different situations with different types of people.  When we need to hire those who can influence others, we should be sure and go deep on their different skills and ways of influence. Because someone can influence you, doesn’t mean they will automatically be able to influence others.

A new acquaintance sent me a note after our first lunch and gave me the above verse in Acts.  I have read that verse many times and I never saw that Stephen’s ability to influence was rooted in not only his wisdom, but also in the Holy Spirit from that he was filled.  How great is that?  If we allow God’s spirit to flow through us, then  there isn’t anyone that we can’t influence for Him.  Think about this today as you encounter those you think you can’t break through!

Reference: Acts 6:10 (New Living Translation)