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day 3K73: Distributed

“So the land was distributed in strict accordance with the Lord’s commands to Moses.”

Heather Landry, an Executive Editor at Quartz says that we are no longer working in states of “Remote” or “Hybrid” but instead we are now in the way of being “Distributed”.  Maybe it isn’t substantial semantic differences, but it might be.  We know now that not everyone is going to work remotely forever.  Some will, but some won’t.  It is not that this is a hybrid model because it will become the new normal, so maybe it is time to rename what is going on as “Distributed” work.  Why that also works is because we actually do know how to do this as any business that has more than one office has already been practicing distributed work.  We know how to communicate between offices, how to align multiple locations of people with the goals and objectives of the company, how to track success and recognize progress of one group versus another, and how and when to bring them together to gain buy-in and excitement about the future, etc.  So, with the distributed workplace, we just need to divide what we know into smaller pieces, those sometimes being smaller teams/pods or individuals.  I don’t want to make light of the work it takes to get this right, but shifting the mindset to relate what we have to do to something we already know, can be a large part of winning the battle.

God not only understands a distributed model, He sees the power in it.  Throughout Biblical history He created tribes, countries and nations.  Jesus chose a group of 12 and when He left them He commissioned them to reach out to all, including the addition of a new group, the Gentiles.  From there Paul created a framework for distributed ministry through the establishment of churches, all attempting to do the same thing, but in their own localized and personalized way.  Yes, we are important pieces in the distribution of God’s message and Kingdom expansion.  Let’s make sure that today that we recognize that significance and do our part to keep the distributing going.

Reference:  Joshua 14:15 (New Living Translation)