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day 819: The Power Of Search

“Teacher”, the blind man said, “I want to see!”

Our business lives changed forever in 1996 when two university graduates created a software product called “Backrub”. A year later the named changed and it is now a household word. We know it as Google. Today, businesses would have a hard time running without Google. The other day I needed to review the operating instructions of an old piece of machinery. I didn’t even bother to go and look for the operating manual as within minutes I had what I needed online and that started with my search on Google. The power of search is the backside reward, or maybe why Sergey and Larry originally named the product “Backrub”. Search results in retrieval and few things are more satisfying than finding what you need faster and easier than you expected. We’ve become pretty adept in the business world of using search to our advantage but there is still volumes of knowledge to be made available.

God asks us to always be searching for Him. In the Book of Mark we are given the account of Bartimus who sought out Jesus as Jesus walked through the streets. Bartimus was blind so he had no other way to search other than to yell out repeatedly,”Jesus, of Nazareth!”. He was told to calm down, be quiet and to shut up, but he wouldn’t relent. Finally Jesus head Him and through Bartimus’ faith, his eyesight was given to him. The point is that Bartimus knew the power of search. Without committing himself to searching for Jesus he would have remained blind. There is a powerful message in here for us. Let’s today recognize the power of our searching!

Reference: Mark 10:46-52